Table 1: Main points of the questionnaire for upper GI bleeders in Hungary.

(1) Structural and activity data
 (i) Practice of care
  (a) Gastroenterology unit
  (b) Surgical unit
  (c) Number of endoscopiests doing emergency endoscopy
 (ii) Number of bleeders per month
  (a) UGIB cases per month
  (b) PUB cases per month

(2) Emergency endoscopy findings
 (i) Source of bleeding
 (ii) Number of ulcers and characteristics according to the Forrest classification

(3) Endoscopic haemostatic therapy
 (i) Indication for endoscopic therapy
 (ii) Method of haemostatic therapy in different Forrest classes
  (a) Injection, substance of injection, mono; or in combination
  (b) Thermal
  (c) Clip
  (d) Combination therapy; components of combination

(4) Acid-suppressant therapy in different Forrest classes
 (i) Substance for acid suppression; i.v. PPI or i.v. H2RA
 (ii) Method of i.v. PPI
  (a) Standard PPI dosage
  (b) Bolus + PPI infusion

(5) Patient outcome data
 (i) Rebleeding rate
 (ii) Need for surgery
 (iii) Bleeding-related mortality