Table 3: Standardized incidence ratio (SIR) and standardized mortality ratio (SMR) of HCC in primary biliary cirrhosis.

Number of incidence of HCC
ObservedExpectedSIR95% Cl

Overall13 (12)1.1 (1.0)11.6 (11.5)6.2–19.8 (6.0–20.2)
Female11 (10)0.5 (0.5)20.4 (19.8)10.2–36.5 (9.5–36.4)

Deaths due to HCC
ObservedExpectedSMR95% Cl


Including all years of follow up (Excluding experience in first year after diagnosis of primary biliary cirrhosis); CI: confidence interval; HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma; SIR: standardized incidence ratio; SMR: standardized mortality ratio.