Clinical Study

How to Differentiate Sites of Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Patients with Hematochezia by Using Clinical Factors?

Table 3

Clinical signs and laboratory results of patients presented with hematochezia categorized by sites of bleeding as upper (UGIB) or lower (LGIB) gastrointestinal bleeding.

VariablesUGIB group
LGIB group

Systolic blood pressure, mmHg114.3 (18.0)132.5 (18.7)<0.001
Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg66.7 (12.8)72.8 (9.9)0.025
Pulse rate, bpm88.7 (15.4)86.1 (20.3)0.558
Hematocrit, %26.4 (6.4)32.3 (7.3)0.001
Platelet count, cells/mm3249133.3 (93282.6)280511.6 (91692.1)0.159
INR, seconds1.2 (0.5)1.1 (0.2)0.100
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN), mg/dL29.0 (17.6)19.3 (17.8)0.024
Serum creatinine (Cr), mg/dL1.2 (0.8)1.4 (1.7)0.415
BUN/Cr ratio26.6 (13.8)15.5 (6.9)<0.001
Serum albumin, g/dL3.4 (0.6)3.6 (0.7)0.250

Data presented as mean (standard deviation); INR: international normalized ratio; laboratory values were measured at presentation to the emergency department.