Gastroenterology Research and Practice / 2013 / Article / Tab 7

Clinical Study

Optimisation of Radiation Exposure to Gastroenterologists and Patients during Therapeutic ERCP

Table 7

The mean radiation doses for the first examiner during ERCP procedure ( Gy).

First examinerHandThyroid Eye lensChestNo. of FilmExposure time (min)X-ray tube location

Present study27.
Buls et al [14]0.640.450.55nd46.0Overcouch
Naidu et al. [9]*NR0.20.04NR4.65.9Overcouch
Sulieman et al. [3]
Oztas et al. [10]

Extrapolated from annual effective dose (mSv) for 400 procedures per year.
NR: not reported.