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Gastroenterology Research and Practice
Volume 2013, Article ID 703163, 5 pages
Research Article

Mast Cells Positive to Tryptase and c-Kit Receptor Expressing Cells Correlates with Angiogenesis in Gastric Cancer Patients Surgically Treated

1Department of Medical and Surgery Science, Clinical Surgery Unit, University of Catanzaro “Magna Graecia” Medical School, Viale Europa, Germaneto, 88100 Catanzaro, Italy
2Health Science Department, Pathology Unit, University of Catanzaro “Magna Graecia” Medical School, 88100 Catanzaro, Italy
3Department of Medical and Surgery Science, Cardiovascular Disease Unit, University of Catanzaro “Magna Graecia” Medical School, 88100 Catanzaro, Italy
4Surgery Unit, National Cancer Research Centre, Giovanni Paolo II, 70100 Bari, Italy
5Department of Surgery, Surgical Oncology Unit, Ospedale Morgagni-Pierantoni, 47121 Forlì, Italy
6Interventional Radiology Unit with Integrated Section of Translational Medical Oncology, National Cancer Research Centre, “Giovanni Paolo II”, 70100 Bari, Italy

Received 22 August 2013; Revised 13 October 2013; Accepted 21 October 2013

Academic Editor: Chunping Jiang

Copyright © 2013 Michele Ammendola et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Background. Angiogenesis is a complex process involved in both growth and progression of several human and animal tumours. Tryptase is a serin protease stored in mast cells granules, which plays a role in tumour angiogenesis. Mast cells (MCs) can release tryptase following c-Kit receptor (c-KitR) activation. Method. In a series of 25 gastric cancer patients with stage T3 M0 (by AJCC for Gastric Cancer 7th Edition), immunohistochemistry and image analysis methods were employed to evaluate in the tumour tissue the correlation between the number of mast cells positive to tryptase (MCPT), c-KitR expressing cells (c-KitR-EC), and microvascular density (MVD). Results. Data demonstrated a positive correlation between MCPT, c-KitR-EC, and MVD to each other. In tumour tissue the mean number of MCPT was 15, the mean number of c-KitR-EC was 20, and the mean number of MVD was 20. The Pearson test correlating MCPT and MVD, c-KitR-EC and MVD was significantly ( , ; , , resp.). Conclusion. In this pilot study, we suggest that MCPT and c-KitR-EC play a role in gastric cancer angiogenesis, so we think that several c-KitR or tryptase inhibitors such as gabexate mesilate and nafamostat mesilate might be evaluated in clinical trials as a new antiangiogenetic approach.