Clinical Study

Detection of Neoplastic Gastric Lesions Using Capsule Endoscopy: Pilot Study

Table 1

Type and location of stomach lesions and the result of capsule endoscopy.

No. of patientsSexAgeType of lesion by EGDLocationSize (mm)Lesion found by CEGEJAngle Pyloric ring

1F60EGCa IIcLower body PW30oxox
2M76EGCa IHigh Body GC40xoxo
3M61EGCa IIIPrepyloric antrum PW20oooo
4F61EGCa IIcAntrum PW40xoxx
5F31EGCa IIcLower body AW30xooo
6M62EGCa IIcAntrum PW15ooxo
7M70Borrmann III Lower body PW20xoxx
8M48EGCa IIcAntrum PW15oooo