Table 5: Outcomes in antireflux surgery. Ranges based on retrospective reviews by Mattioli et al. [11], Chung and Georgeson [12], Steyaert et al. [13], and Subramaniam and Dickson [14] and randomized prospective study by Kubiak et al. [15]. Those categories with only one percentage value represent the only study that individually looked at a particular outcome category for either Nissen, Toupet, or Thal.

DysphagiaPostoperative complicationsRecurrence ratesRepeat surgical intervention

Nissen4% to 24%4% to 22%3% to 46%2% to 14%
Toupet2%3% to 8%1% to 25%~2%–11%
Thal2% to 22%3%6%–20%10%–14%