Table 3: Prognostic factors logistic regression for successful endoscopic ultrasound-guided drainage of PFCs (follow-up: 48 months).

Prognostic factors Wald values

Age −16.2740.0000.998
Etiology 0.6251.7010.192
Location of PFC−0.7720.3990.528
Number of PFCs −17.2650.0000.999
Size of PFC1.7351.4360.231
Bulging 0.5100.1150.734
Site of drainage−18.0820.0000.999
Portal hypertension −19.4130.0000.999
Number of stents −0.0340.0010.970
Type of stent −0.2870.0210.884

B: coefficient value, Wald: Wald chi-squared value.