Table 1: Clinicopathologic characteristics of 5 hepatocellular carcinoma patients used for exome sequencing.

Patient IDGenderAgeAetiologyLiver cirrhosisEdmondson gradeAdjacent invasionVascular invasionLymph nodeMetastasisTumour size (cm)TNM stageBCLC

Patient 1Male45HBVYesIINoNoNoNo2.8 × 2.8IIA
Patient 2Male52HBVYesIINoNoNoNo2 × 1.8IA
Patient 3Male42HBVNoIINoNoNoNo2 × 1.8IA
Patient 4Male52HBVNoINoNoNoNo2 × 1.8IA
Patient 5Male61HBVYesIINoNoNoNo2.2 × 2.2IIA

Tumour staging was based on the 7th edition of tumour-node-metastasis classification of the American Joint Committee on Cancer Staging Manual. HBV: hepatitis B virus; BCLC: Barcelona clinic liver cancer.