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Research Article

Hepatitis B Vaccination Status among Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Hospital in Ethiopia

Table 3

Reasons for not being vaccinated against HBV and for not taking full course of the vaccine, GUH, Ethiopia, 2016.

Reasons Frequency ()Percentage (%)

Reason for not being vaccinated ()Cost of the vaccine2718.5
The vaccine is not easily available8558.2
Afraid of vaccine side effect32.1
Vaccination is not necessary21.4
Lack of information128.2
Too busy128.2
Afraid of needles10.7

Reason for not receiving full course of vaccination ()Fear of adverse effect1017.2
Assuming that it was enough23.4
Being busy1932.8
Not available813.8
Started and waited1525.9

HBV positive, carelessness, and not useful.