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HPB Surgery
Volume 3, Issue 3, Pages 193-197
Case Report

Retroperitoneal Biloma Secondary to Operative Common Bile Duct Injury

Institute of Digestive Diseases, University Clinical Center Medical Faculty , Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Received 15 August 1990; Accepted 27 August 1990

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Encapsulated collections of bile (“biloma”) may be a sequela of liver trauma, operative injury or disease. Such collections may be intrahepatic or extrahepatic and usually in the supramesocolic compartment of the abdomen. This is a report of a retroperitoneal biloma, an entity that has been reported only twice to date but this is the first secondary to an operative common bile duct lesion.

Evacuation of the biloma and reconstruction of the associated biliary stricture were successfully carried out. The patient remains sympton free with normal clinical and laboratory data more than 14 months after surgery.

Operative common bile duct (CBD) injury may be followed by a number of complications. To our knowledge retroperitoneal biloma secondary to a CBD lesion has not been previously reported.