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HPB Surgery
Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 19-24

Surgical Workshop on Liver Surgery Using Isolated Perfused Livers in Moulded Casts of the Upper Abdomen

1University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia
2Institute for Anatomy, Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Received 28 November 1994

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The basic training in liver surgery on isolated perfused livers used at the workshop in the First Surgical Course of the Alps—Adriatic Hepatobiliary School is presented. The methods for the excision, preservation, perfusion and preparation of the liver are described, as is the manner of manufacturing the upper abdomen moulded casts, into which an isolated perfused liver is placed for training. The methods proved to be sufficiently successful, enabling participants to perform basic liver surgery like an intraoperative ultrasound investigation, as well as liver dissection techniques, liver suturing, segmental resection and even hepatectomy. Some technical improvements are proposed for future surgical workshops, such as washing out the blood from the liver, and a triple perfusion.