Table 1: Background data and clinical characteristics of all cases including the reported.

Background data and clinical characteristics
Variables Cases

Age (Y)
 15–30 1
 31–60 21
 60–85 19
 Female 36
 Male 5
Concomitant disease
 Chronic hepatitis 7
 Sjögren's syndrome 1
 CREST syndrome 1
 Autoimmune thyroiditis 5
 Malignant tumor 12
 Hepatic hemangioma/FNH 3
 PBC 4
 DM 2
 Immunodeficiency 2
Size in the greatest dimension of lesions (cm)
Number of lesions
 Rt. lobe21
 Lt. lobe13
 Lt. lobe and Rt. lobe2
 Surgical resection 34
 Transplantation 2
 CNB and PEI 1
 CNB and observation 3
 Autopsy 1

Rt: right; Lt: left; Seg: segment NA: not available; PBC: primary biliary cirrhosis; FNH: focal nodular hyperplasia; DM: diabetes mellitus; PEI: percutaneous ethanol injections; CNB: core needle biopsy; NA: not available.