Figure 1: For simultaneous laparoscopic resection of colorectal cancer and liver metastases, a 10 mm subumbilical trocar was placed for pneumoperitoneum. An umbilical midline incision was created for specimen extraction in the patient that underwent a right hemicolectomy (patient number 1). In two patients, this vertical incision was used for the handport (patient numbers 2 and 3). For left-sided resections, a Pfannenstiel incision was used for specimen extraction. Four 5/12 mm trocars were positioned in the four quadrants for dissection. An extra 5 or 10 mm trocar was placed in the midline above the hand port for tumorectomy in segments 7 and 8. In one patient, an additional 5 mm trocar was placed right subcostal (patient number 2).