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Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Volume 3 (1995), Issue 2, Pages 79-81
Obstetrics Case Report

Intrauterine Infection With Coxsackievirus: Is it a Cause of Congenital Cardiac Malformations?

1Department of Perinatal Medicine, Sioux Valley Hospital, University of South Dakota School of Medicine, 1201 S. Euclid Avenue, Ste. 204, Sioux Falls 57105, SD, USA
2Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Department of Pediatrics, University of South Dakota School of Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD, USA
3Department of Laboratory Medicine, University of South Dakota School of Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD, USA

Received 10 April 1995; Accepted 5 July 1995

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Background: Although maternal infections with coxsackievirus during pregnancy are relatively common, fetal infections are quite rare. Coxsackievirus infection in utero has been associated with myocarditis, but has not been proven a teratogen.

Case: A patient whose fetus had structural cardiac anomalies and hydrops was found to have an intrauterine infection with Coxsackie B-1 virus, proven by virus isolation from the amniotic fluid. This infection led to increasing intrauterine hydrops and subsequent neonatal death.

Conclusion: This interesting association of intrauterine infection with Coxsackie B virus and structural cardiac anomalies in the fetus warrants further investigation.