Table 2: Estimated annual impact in the USA of group child care on the rate of congenital CMV infection among multiparous Caucasians compared to multiparous non-Caucasians without group child care.


No. live births/year3,000,000*1,000,000*
No. of seronegative mothers at conception1,800,000 (60%)200,000 (20%)&
No. with previous child at home900,000 (50%)Unknown
No. with previous child <3 years at conception675,000 (75%)Unknown
No. with child in day care506,250 (75%)Unknown
No. with shedding child126,563 (25%)Unknown
No. becoming infected during pregnancy53,156 (42%)15,600 (7.8%)&
No. of infants infected in utero (50%)26,5787,800
No. of infants with severe sequella+ (28%)7,4422,184

*US Bureau of Vital Statistics.
+Death, I.Q. < 70, or deafness.
&Based on data from [3, 13, 14].