Research Article

Avidity of Antibodies against HSV-2 and Risk to Neonatal Transmission among Mexican Pregnant Women

Table 1

Demographic, sexual behaviors, and antenatal care characteristics of puerperal and pregnant women from Morelos, Mexico.

Variables %

General Hospital
 ≥31 years old39017.0
 21–30 years old116350.6
 ≤20 years old74732.5
Marital status
 Law marriage122453.2
Education level
 Elementary school75232.7
 Junior high 101644.2
 High school or upper44119.2
Lifetime condom use
History of STI
 Yes/not known994.3
Partners during last year
 Three or more452.0
Partner infidelity
 Not known66729.0
Prenatal consultations
 5 or more158168.7
Person in charge of pregnancy control
 No one1275.5
Urine exam