Table 2: The extent to which ob-gyns plan to use immunization toolkit resources.

Already use (%)Plan to use (%)Will not likely use (%)Definitely will not use (%)

Flu FAQ Tear Pad37.744.530.021.621.823.310.510.6
Tdap FAQ Tear Pad36.144.731.020.822.423.910.610.6
Vaccine Safety Tear Pad30.736.532.721.626.029.710.612.2
Immunization for Women website17.315.640.330.731.939.910.513.8
Coding Guide14.216.027.621.140.240.818.022.1
Physician Script12.418.421.813.

FAQ, frequently asked question; Tdap, tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis.