Table 1: Descriptive representation of cases and controls.

Cases ()Control () value
NumberPercentageNumber Percentage

(years)51.1 (10.8)43.2 (13.9)<0.001
Type of cancer/VIN
 VIN I918
 Vulvar cancer1531
Genital hair removal
 Not at all10207431.6
Extent of hair removal
 Not at all10187431.60.02
 Without labia majus6145925.2
 With labia majus48104.3
 Complete genital hair removal29599138.9
Method of hair removal
 Not at all10207431.60.02
For how many years the participant removed the pubic 10 (5–20)10 (0–14)0.05
HPV status
 Not known714,29114.7
Smoking status

Mean (standard deviation); categorical variables: Chi-square test or Fisher’s exact test; metric variables: ANOVA.