Table 2: Multivariate predictors of GBS colonization.

CharacteristicaRR CIP value

Maternal age at delivery (years)0.99(0.99, 0.99)<0.001
 Black or African American1.48(1.41, 1.54)<0.001
 Other0.92(0.85, 1.00)0.06
 Hispanic0.94(0.85, 1.03)0.20
 Other0.79(0.59, 1.06)0.12
Chronic hypertension1.03(0.96, 1.09)0.44
Pre-existing diabetes1.12(1.01, 1.23)0.03
Autoimmune disorder0.78(0.61, 1.01)0.06
Tobacco use1.01(0.96, 1.05)0.83

= White or Caucasian.
2Reference = not Hispanic.
aRR = adjusted relative risk.
CI = confidence interval.
P value from a multivariable generalized linear model of all characteristics as independent variables and GBS colonization versus GBS negative as the dependent variable.