Research Article

Growth and Nutrient Use Efficiencies of Yams (Dioscorea spp.) Grown in Two Contrasting Soils of West Africa

Table 4

Nitrogen and potassium use efficiency and agronomic use efficiency of Dioscorea spp. as affected by soil type and fertilizers.

Soil typeSpeciesFertilizer Nutrient use efficiency (g of total biomass at harvest/g of total nutrient uptake) Agronomic efficiency (g of tuber dry weight/g of tuber nutrient content)

ForestD. alataNone82678766
Full rate52615659
D. rotundataNone69767272
Full rate51665165

SavannaD. alataNone43794674
Full rate35713867
D. rotundataNone4910648100
Full rate36823681
SE mean ( )9.313.59.612.9