Table 2: 𝑃 > 𝐹 for percent reduction in soybean yield caused by season-long interference by Palmer amaranth in field experiment.a

Source of variationIndividual Palmer amaranth biotypesbPalmer amaranth biotypes grouped by response to glyphosatec

𝑃 > 𝐹 value
Year × biotype0.91350.4459
Year × distance0.12960.1457
Biotype × distance0.19800.8564
Year × biotype × distance0.91500.6201
Coefficient of variation (%)90.496.3

a Data are pooled over runs of the experiment.
b Consists of six Palmer amaranth biotypes.
c Consists of a group of three glyphosate-resistant (GR) and a group of three glyphosate-susceptible (GS) Palmer amaranth biotypes.