Table 3: Chi-square analysis of segregation for glyphosate resistance at 3000 g/ha in BC1F1 families assuming monogenic and two gene additive inheritance*.

  ObservedOne gene modelTwo gene additive model
Backcross family  Expected 𝜒 2 P valueExpected 𝜒 2 P value
  AliveDeadTotalAliveDead  AliveDead    

BC1F1 S × R1138393.1235.881.5660.2114.6834.323.2880.070
BC1F1 S × R2250524.1647.841.2190.2706.2445.763.2740.070
BC1F1 S × R3347504460.2720.6026441.7050.192
BC1F1 S × R4448524.1647.840.0070.9356.2445.760.9140.339
BC1F1 S × R5052524.1647.844.5220.0336.2445.767.0910.008
BC1F1 S × R6241433.4439.560.6550.4185.1637.842.1990.138
BC1F1 S × R7132332.6430.361.1070.2933.9629.042.5140.113
BC1F1 R × S12131524.1647.8474.097<0.00016.2445.7639.674<0.0001
BC1F1 R × S21141524.1647.8412.224<0.00016.2445.764.1260.042
BC1F1 R × S3250524.1647.841.2190.2706.2445.763.2740.070
BC1F1 R × S42428524.1647.84102.849<0.00016.2445.7657.441<0.0001
BC1F1 R × S5844524.1647.843.8530.0506.2445.760.5640.453
BC1F1 R × S6943524.1647.846.1210.0136.2445.761.3870.239
BC1F1 R × S714365044627.174<0.000164412.121<0.0001
BC1F1 R × S8124252230.5430.4613221.5150.218


Response of parental controls
 GR Parent351752
 GS Parent05252
 F1 R × S64450
 F1 S × R104050

* Abbreviations used: R: glyphosate-resistant; S: glyphosate-susceptible; R × S and S × R: reciprocal crosses where, the first alphabet denotes female parent; BC1F1: backcross family; F1: first filial.