Table 5: The effect of herbicide placement on the response of protox herbicide-resistant common waterhemp. Criteria for evaluating common waterhemp included visual control, height reduction, and fresh-weight reduction 21 d after treatment.

Treatment a RatePlacementControlHeight reductionFresh-weight reduction
g ai/ha%

Nontreated Soil only000
Lactofen220Soil only086
Acifluorfen420Soil only01213
Fomesafen330Soil only013
Flumioxazin72Soil only01211
Nontreated Foliar only000
Lactofen220Foliar only131314
Acifluorfen420Foliar only131717
Fomesafen330Foliar only131617
Flumioxazin72Foliar only151816
Nontreated Soil + foliar000
Lactofen220Soil + foliar81113
Acifluorfen420Soil + foliar171819
Fomesafen330Soil + foliar242933
Flumioxazin72Soil + foliar323636
LSD ( 𝑃 = 0 . 0 5 )327

a All treatments included diammonium sulfate at 2.8 kg/ha and crop oil concentrate at 1.2 l/ha.