Table 2: Effects of external NaCl concentrations on glucose (Glu), fructose (Fru), and sucrose (Suc) of leaves, stem, and roots of Phaseolus species.

NaCl (mM)mmol kg−1 dry weight

P. vulgaris PvWT
 04 bz5 a46 a10 a15 b64 a5 c8 b32 b
 608 a14 b38 b10 a21 a51 b9 b26 a38 a
 901 c 1 c 4 c 3 b3 c 6 c13 a30 a35 a
P. vulgaris PvCS
 0 6 b7 b42 a19 b25 b50 a 5 b 8 b50 a
 6017 a22 a33 b36 a44 a39 b16 a34 a27 b
 90 2 c2 b 3 c11 b15 c 6 c 2 b 4 b 4 c
P. acutifolius PaWS
 012 c12 b41 a12 b13 c47 a 4 c12 c48 a
 6022 b28 a31 b15 b22 b50 a10 b35 b32 b
 9025 a29 a36 b22 a31 a44 a14 a50 a37 b
P. acutifolius PaCT
 010 b12 b34 a22 a24 a47 a 8 b15 c51 a
 6024 a32 a30 b21 a25 a38 b 8 b33 b30 c
 9024 a31 a29 b21 a26 a41 b15 a52 a38 b
F-values from ANOVA
 NaCl56.9***57.4***576*** 3.9ns8.8*261.9***49.8***91.2***77.7***
 Species11.8*** 8.5***2.6*15.3*** 5.4*** 9.1***4.2**13.3***4.7**
 NaCl Species2.3*1.8ns 6.7***6.7***3.5**16.4***16.2***9.5***6.9***

zValues are means of six replicates after 20 days of salt exposure. Differences among treatments at P ≤ 0.05 are given according to Duncan multiple range test. ns: not significant, *, **, *** Significant at P ≤ 0.05, P ≤ 0.01 and P ≤ 0.001, respectively.