Table 1: Least squares means, minimum (Min) and maximum (Max) cumulative yield, CumY, (Mg ha−1), temporal yield variance, TYV, (Mg ha−1)2 and coefficient of variation, CV% for treatments, Trt, and Phase within treatments, Phase(Trt), in conventional (CNV) and organic (ORG) cropping systems of a long-term experiment.


CNVTrtCumY38.8a†32.44 Yr ST−N46.72 Yr CT+N
Phase(Trt)28.1SC (2 Yr ST−N)53.8WACS (4 Yr CT+N)
TrtTYV7.65a5.12 Yr ST−N11.12 Yr CT−N
Phase(Trt) 4.5CSWA (4 Yr CT−N)11.7SC (2 Yr CT+N)
TrtCV%56.9b50.14 Yr CT+N60.02 Yr CT−N
Phase(Trt)45.5ACSW (4 Yr CT+N)69.1SC (2 Yr CT−N)

ORGTrtCumY26.5b18.52 Yr ST−N34.34 Yr CT+N
Phase(Trt) 18.9SC (2 Yr CT−N)35.9WACS (4 Yr CT+N)
TrtTYV4.8b3.62 Yr CT−N6.1 4 Yr ST+N
Phase(Trt) 3.0SC (2 Yr CT−N)8.4ACSW (4 Yr CT+N)
TrtCV%67.2a53.44 Yr CT+N84.52 Yr CT−N
Phase(Trt)43.6SWAC (4 Yr CT+N)95.4SC (2 Yr ST−N)

Means, within variables, followed by the same letter do not differ significantly (DMRT, P < 0.05).