Table 2: Tree trunk diameter, annual shoot length, and yield parameters of the apricot cultivars (average of four years).

CultivarTree trunk diameter (mm)Annual shoot
length (cm)
YieldYield/trunk section
 area (kg/cm2)
Cumulative yield

Beliana80.5 ab66.6 a33.1 a9.2 b0.94 a101.4 b25.6 b
Canino55.8 c51.2 ab16.8 b3.8 c0.79 a50.6 d10.5 d
Feriana90.0 a53.2 ab19.8 b7.8 b0.34 bc61.0 c17.3 c
Macar90.1 a41.8 b3.1 c0.1 d0.06 c10.8 f2.7 e
Precoce de Colomer68.9 bc65.8 a12.6 bc4.1 c0.36 bc35.0 e13.4 cd
Rouge de Sernhac95.7 a50.1 ab41.2 a 14.1 a0.61 ab125.0 a33.6 a
Tokaloğlu86.8 ab47.5 ab40.9 a 13.2 a0.65 ab121.6 a32.0 a

Mean + SE81.1 ± 14.154.2 ± 10.023.9 ± 14.76.5 ± 4.10.5 ± 0.372.2 ± 44.419.3 ± 11.5

HSD (5%)19.422.612.13.50.356.86.3