Table 4: Percent reduction in height and dry weight 30 days after emergence and the slopes of regression lines for percentage of reduction in height of 15 Palmer amaranth accessionsa.

AccessionCountyResistancebHeightDry weightSlope
% reduction plant−1% reduction day−1

1MartinALSS/GS11 b–d27 b5.5 a
2HarnettALSS/GS15 a29 ab4.5 abc
3LenoirALSS/GS12 a–d21 d3.2 c
4MartinALSS/GS10 cd16 e–g3.5 c
5EdgecombeALSS/GS12 a–d22 cd3.3 c
6WayneGR13 a–c14 fg4.0 abc
7HokeGR14 ab33 a3.6 bc
8RobesonGR9 d20 de3.4 c
9CumberlandGR5 e12 g3.2 c
10ScotlandGR10 cd18 d–f3.3 c
11RobesonALSR13 a–c22 cd4.7 abc
12JohnstonALSR13 a–c16 e–g5.1 ab
13RobesonALSR9 d26 bc3.6 bc
14SampsonALSR11 b–d16 e–g3.3 c
15EdgecombeALSR11 b–d18 d–f3.8 bc

aData are pooled over experiments and duration of drought stress. Means within a parameter followed by the same letter are not significantly different according to Fisher’s Protected LSD test at .
bAbbreviations: ALSS/GS: acetolactate synthase-inhibitor susceptible and glyphosate-susceptible accession; ALSR: acetolactate synthase inhibitor-resistant accession; GR: glyphosate-resistant accession.