Table 1: Soil water content (0–200 cm depth) at silking ( ) and physiological maturity ( ), maximum fraction of incident PAR intercepted by crops (Maximum fIPAR) and leaf chlorophyll readings (SPAD) close to silking, total biomass production at physiological maturity and grain yield, and harvest index and grain yield components (kernel number, kernel weight, and prolificacy) of maize hybrid DK190MG cultivated with different row spacings (RS) at three landscape positions (P), during 2006/07 ( ). The significance level of main factors and interactions are detailed at the bottom of the table.

Growing season/locationLandscape position/
plant population
Row spacingSoil water contentMaximum
   SPAD unitsTotal biomass
Grain yield
Harvest indexKernel number
Kernel weight
(mm) (mm)

(4.5 plants/m2)
38 cm1652190.8453.01540.7755.0 0.493361229.91.73
52 cm1742280.8054.41771.8901.80.514037227.01.80
Skip row1772300.8053.61672.2 830.1 0.49 3665230.31.90
(6.2 plants/m2)
38 cm3754160.9253.01972.5941.70.474097233.31.60
52 cm374413 0.9053.32214.11084.60.494606236.31.70
Skip row3824170.9252.92157.21061.40.494730237.31.70
(7.3 plants/m2)
38 cm4804800.9253.92127.6975.10.464409223.41.24
52 cm4704870.9554.42350.71116.80.474784237.01.37
Skip row3984430.9652.72261.8 1066.30.474624233.31.33

Significance level of main effects and interactions and critical values for comparisons of the means (in brackets)
P(49.96)***(57.80)***(0.05)**ns(132.8)***(85.4)**( )**(311.7)*** (6) (0.22)**
RS (18.54)*nsnsns(118.6)**(75.04)**( )**(361.7)*nsns
P * RS(32.12)**nsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsns

Significant level: , * , ** , *** .