Table 4: Influence of NPK fertilizer and green manure rates on Relative growth rate, crop growth rate per plant, and yield of two tomato varieties in Samaru, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 dry season.

Relative growth rate (RGR) g g−1 wk−1Crop growth rate (CGR) g·wk−1Total yield t ha−1
5–7 WAT7–9 WATMean5–7 WAT7–9 WATMean

 Roma VF0.801.
 LSD (0.05)0.1200.1430.861.510.71*
Fertilizer rate kg ha−1
 Mean 0.811.338.810.311.8
Green Manure t ha−1
 Mean 0.821.318.410.411.8

Significant at , R: regression, L: linear, and Q: quadratic response.