Table 5: Predicted least squares means and for t sucrose ha−1 (TSH) for individual crop years and cumulative 3-year total at Site 2. Also included are significant contrasts.

TreatmentaPlant cane1st ratoon2nd ratoon3-year total
t sucrose ha−1 (TSH)

(1) Control15.4612.5014.2242.18
(2) MM (28 m3 ha−1)15.2414.5914.9244.74
(3) MM (56 m3 ha−1)15.3614.5316.1846.06
(4) CP (28 m3 ha−1)15.5713.8415.4244.83
(5) CP (56 m3 ha−1)15.3612.2414.2841.87

 T1 versus T2 and T3NS***
 T4 versus T5NS*NS

Significant differences between specified treatments at , 0.05, or 0.01, respectively.
NS: no significant difference at for the specified contrast.
aMM: mill mud; CP: yard waste compost. All mill mud and compost
treatments were applied in the furrow prior to planting.
bOther nonsignificant contrasts performed were T2 versus T3 and T1 versus T4 and T5.