Table 7: Combination effects of varieties and nitrogen rate on mean grain yield and thousand seed weight of maize on farmer’s field around Bako Tibe, western Ethiopia.

Maize varieties with N ratesGrain yield (kg ha−1)

BH-540 (50% RR)3633189450572613390448803663
BH-540 (100% RR)4595228344462696513256844139
BH-543 (50% RR)4516245541412990404343833755
BH-543 (100% RR)5459267851473009341943614012
BH-661 (50% RR)6719262843234457547255564859
BH-661 (100% RR)6373347250603928581465485199
BH-660 (50% RR)3872256741073432504251554029
BH-660 (100% RR)2561245147423462490265794116
BH-140 (50% RR)4788149443592302421640533535
BH-140 (100% RR)3437201353984039460543933981
 LSD (5%)1154.8242.2537.8361456.19960.75656.99
 CV (%)15.416.057.016.335.911.4510.08

F-1–F6 = farmers’ names (Takele Uluma, Adisu Fufa, Adisu Likessa, Mulatu Shukar, Tesfaye Tsagaye, and Gutu Tolera). NS = nonsignificant difference at 5% probability level; 50% and 100% RR = half and full doses (55 and 110 kg N ha−1) recommended for maize.