Table 2: Total ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from different fertilizers and application techniques.

FertilizerAmmonia emission (mg N m−2)Nitrous oxide emission (mg N m−2)
Surface appliedIncorporatedSurface appliedIncorporated

Calcium ammonium nitrate12ab45bc30bc
Slurry A285hijk1253def97def
MC A360ijk−118cd179fgh
Solid fraction A173fghi012bc15ab
Slurry B316ijk1378efg124efg
MC B125fg011bc129fg
Solid fraction B84ff−40a86def
Slurry C284hijk931cdef82def
MC C493k627cde167fg
Solid fraction C45de68bc43bcd
Slurry D155fgh10193h297hi
MC D470jk−263ef111cdef
Solid fraction D32cd−1431i646i

One-way ANOVA

Two-way ANOVA
Fertilizer; l.s.d.1 = 0.66; l.s.d.1 = 0.25
Application method; l.s.d.1 = 0.23; l.s.d.1 = 0.09
Fertilizer × method; l.s.d.1 = 0.93; l.s.d.1 = 0.36

1l.s.d. of log-transformed values. Results of an incubation experiment with samples from an arable sand soil. The statistics and least significant difference (l.s.d.) values are based on log-transformed values. Different letters indicate statistical significant differences between fertilizers.