Table 1: Antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of standard*, crude extract, and purified compound from H. elongata seaweed.

Antioxidant capacityAntimicrobial activity
EC50 (µg/mL)Inhibition zone (mm)

Crude extract91.3 ± 1.98a 9.95a
Purified compound14.8 ± 1.27b10.72b
Fucoxanthin*12.5 ± 0.98c10.89b

Values are expressed as average of three replicates.
Values with different letters (a–c) in each column are significantly different ( ).
Antioxidant capacity was determined using DPPH scavenging assay.
Antimicrobial activity was determined against L. monocytogenes using disc diffusion bioassay. The diameter of the growth inhibition halos caused by the crude and purified samples and standard* was measured by a digital vernier caliper and expressed in millimetre.