Table 1: Mean concentrations (mg/Kg) of elements (Mn, Cu, Zn, and se) measured in ten samples, two samples from each source: Al Kharj, Wadi Al Dawasir, Al Ahsa, Al Qaseem, and Najran in wet weight samples. The results are presented as means ± SD (n =3).

Sample name MnCuZnSe

Khalas Al Kharj-11.95±0.060.78±0.031.00±0.020.10±0.09

Khalas Al Kharj-22.18±0.111.54±0.112.05±0.150.04±0.11

Khalas Wadi Al Dawasir-13.39±0.073.10±0.092.30±0.060.09±0.12

Khalas Wadi Al Dawasir-23.00±0.082.13±0.022.08±0.060.06±0.14

Khalas Al Ahsa-12.92±0.221.26±0.011.42±0.040.19±0.19

Khalas Al Ahsa-23.69±0211.04±0.061.44±0140.18±0.21

Khalas Al Qaseem-12.79±0.091.88±0.141.12±0.070.02±0.25

Khalas Al Qaseem-22.52±0.141.72±0.181.51±0.160.03±006

Khalas Najran-12.66±0.111.64±0.082.27±0120.09±028

Khalas Najran-23.88±0142.68±0142.06±0030.18±013