Figure 6: Quantification of IgG antibodies against beta-amyloid and Th1/Th2 cytokine detection after immunization. (a) Presence of anti-β-amyloid in the sera of EB101-vaccinated and control transgenic mice groups after preventive and therapeutic treatment. EB101 led to a quite high increase of IgG antibody production as shown. ELISA was used for sera antibody detection in mice in each group. Each bar represents the background OD mean value ± SEM in each group. (b) Proliferative response of spleen cells from EB101-treated mice and controls after preventive and therapeutic treatment. Results showed that both EB101 and LPS induced B and T lymphocyte proliferative responses. Note that EB101 treatment resulted in an enhanced proliferation response when compared with EB102 and PBS control mouse groups ( 𝑃 0 . 0 1 ). The results obtained from triplicate assays were expressed as stimulation indices (ratio between mean OD ± SEM from stimulated and unstimulated cultures). (c) Detection of Th1 and Th2 cytokines in transgenic mice after therapeutic treatment. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for IL-5, -6, -10, and -13 indicated significant differences between vaccinated and control groups. Results are shown as mean pg/mL ± SEM.