Table 4: Cost inputs.

Cost itemValueUnitData source

Diagnostic work-up
 AD+$5,120Per year
 VaD$5,885Per yearVA VISN 1 and [1618]
 Other non-AD$6,638Per year
 Predementia$6,187Per year
Imaging and biomarker tests
 MRI + MTA$437Per test
 CT + MTA$300Per test
 FDG-PET$1,042Per test[16], manufacturer
 SPECT$596Per test
 CSF$304Per test
 Florbetaben PET$2,300Per test
Dementia medication
 Donepezil$7.79Per day
 Galantamine$6.36Per day[19]
 Rivastigmine$6.11Per day
 Memantine$7.89Per day
Medical care for predementia$5,548Per year[20]
Medical care for AD+
 Mild$8,315Per year
 Mildly moderate$12,806Per year
 Moderate$12,806Per year[20]
 Moderately severe$18,526Per year
 Severe$23,227Per year
Nonmedical care for AD+
 Mild$154Per year
 Mildly moderate$3,692Per year
 Moderate$12,166Per year[20]
 Moderately severe$14,209Per year
 Severe$23,355Per year
% of additional cost of care for non-AD relative to AD
 Other non-AD37%
Institutional care$373Per day[22]
Caregiver time$7.25Per hour[23]
Caregiver burden for predementia2.10Hours per day[20]
Caregiver burden for dementia
 Mild2.10Hours per day
 Mildly moderate3.58Hours per day
 Moderate3.58Hours per day[20]
 Moderately severe3.76Hours per day
 Severe5.10Hours per day

AD: Alzheimer’s disease; VaD: vascular dementia; MRI: magnetic resonance imaging; MTA: medial temporal lobe atrophy; CT: computer tomography; PET: positron emission tomography; FDG: fluorodeoxyglucose; SPECT: single photon emission computer tomography; CSF: cerebral spinal fluid.