International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease / 2012 / Article / Fig 8

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Cognitive Deterioration and Associated Pathology Induced by Chronic Low-Level Aluminum Ingestion in a Translational Rat Model Provides an Explanation of Alzheimer's Disease, Tests for Susceptibility and Avenues for Treatment

Figure 8

Hippocampal circuitry. Representative morphology of CA1 and CA3 pyramidal cells and a dentate granule cell (GC). The axon of the granule cell gives off collaterals in the hilus and a long branch (mf) extends into the CA3 field as a mossy fiber that contacts heavy thorns on the CA3 pyramidal cell. The axon of the CA3 pyramidal cell gives off a Shaffer collateral (SC) in the stratum oriens which ascends to the stratum lacunosum moleculare. The axon of the CA1 pyramidal cell bifurcates into long extensions within the white matter. Republished from [57] with permissions from Elsevier and the author.