Table 4: Cerebrovascular mortality for the selected prefectures in Japan (per 100,000).


Prefecture* (latitude) 197520002005197520002005

Miyagi (Tajiri Project site) (38°)363.192.681.4243.251.944.7
Tottori (Ama-cho study site) (35°)260.378.465.9177.149.137.6
Hiroshima (RERF-AHS study site) (34°)222.068.655.4162.139.931.9
Fukuoka (Hisayama study site) (33°)248.668.155.0159.042.430.4
Okinawa (26°)190.463.551.9113.330.023.1

(Reference: Japan Ministry of Welfare and Labor. Available at: as of February 1, 2012).
*Listed from north to south prefectures in order.
Years are limited to 1975, 2000, and 2005 when the data is publicly available.