Table 1: List of the 15 lower energy levels of Ar I.

c/c ljKLSP.N. E. exp.Char.

13p 311S0010.000
24s 40[3/2]23P21s52593143.7600m
34s 40[3/2]13P1*1s41393750.5978t
4 40[1/2]03P01s′30194553.6652m
5 40[1/2]11P1*1s′21395399.8276t
64p 41[1/2]13S12p1013104102.0990q-m
74p 41[5/2]33D32p937105462.7596q-m
84p 41[5/2]23D22p825105617.2700
94p 41[3/2]1 3D1 2p713106087.2598
104p 41[3/2]2 3P22p625106237.5518q-m
114p 41[1/2]0 3P02p501107054.2720
12 41[3/2]11P1 2p′413107131.7086
13 41[3/2]21D22p′3 2 5107289.7001
14 41[1/2]13P12p′213107496.4166
15 41[1/2]01S02p′101108722.6194

: level index.
c/c: configuration and core description.
description from NIST, LS description from our CbA calculations.
Unprimed for core 2P3/2, primed for core 2P1/2.
Symbols *, , ° denote the most strongly mixed levels; all the levels with the same within a same configuration are mixed.
P.N.: Paschen notation.
E. exp.: experimental energy from NIST in cm−1.
Char.: character of the level: transitory/metastable/quasimetastable.