International Journal of Aerospace Engineering / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Aeroelastic Analysis of Wings in the Transonic Regime: Planform’s Influence on the Dynamic Instability

Table 1

Geometrical data of the two half-wing models.

Swept wingCurved wing

AR (aspect ratio)9.59.5
Angle of sweep at root32°32°
Angle of sweep at tip32°53°
Half-wing span (/2)30 m30 m
Reference surface area379 m2379 m2
Root chord13.18 m13.18 m
Tip chord1.7 m1.7 m
Kink section position (/2)9.3 m9.3 m
Kink chord7.373 m7.373 m
Dihedral angle