International Journal of Aerospace Engineering / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Experiment on the Breakup of Liquid Jets in Different Cross-Airflows

Table 1

Experimental conditions and data information.


Temperature, (K)293~298
Liquid density, (kg/m3)995
Air density, (kg/m3)1.17
Nozzle diameter, (mm)2
Liquid jet velocity, (m/s)2-20
Cross-flow velocity, (m/s)10-75
Liquid viscosity, 866
Liquid surface tension coefficient, 70.9
Liquid jet Reynolds number, 4500-34500
Cross-flow Weber number, 10-67
Liquid-to-air momentum flux ratio,5-3408.5
Liquid jet Ohnesorge number, 0.0023
High speed camera exposure time ()16
High speed camera frequency, f2000