Research Article

Gain Enhancement of a Microstrip Patch Antenna Using a Reflecting Layer

Table 1

Comparison of the antennas’ parameters.

Design (GHz) (dB) (dB) (dBi)VSWRImpedance BW (MHz)Size () mm3

First stage2.423−7.852.226.3400.3862.326
Second stage2.411−25.0283.305.9380.5441.11842.8
Third stage (proposed design)2.45−28.0285.45.27.7470.5821.08244.7
DB-CPWFA [18]2.45 & 5.8−15 & −377 & 6.86 & 8.5245 & 745
Conventional [19]2.344−12.6173.115.020.641.6164.8

is the resonance frequency, Sim. is the simulated gain, Mrd. is the measured gain, VSWR is the voltage standing wave ratio, is the width of the substrate, is the length of the substrate, and is the height of the antenna.