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Microstrip Antennas: Future Trends and New Applications

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29 Jun 2012
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10 Feb 2012

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1Electronics Research Institute, Giza, Egypt

2Microstrip Department, Electronics Research Institute, Giza, Egypt

3Micro and Nanosystem for Wireless Communications (MINC) Research Group, Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architectures des Systèmes, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (LAAS-CNRS), Toulouse, France

Microstrip Antennas: Future Trends and New Applications


The explosive growth in the demand for wireless communication and information transfer using handsets and personal communication (PCS) devices has created the need for major advancements of antenna designs, as a fundamental part of any wireless system. One type of antennas that fulfills most of the wireless systems requirements is the microstrip antennas. They have ever-increasing wide range of new applications in wireless communication systems as handheld/mobile devices, base stations, satellite communication systems, and biomedical applications. In most PCS, the handheld antenna is placed on a small plastic/shielding box that is in close proximity to biological tissue of user body; hence, its radiation may cause health hazardous effects. Added to the operational requirements, the users and service providers usually demand wireless units with antennas that are small and compact, cost effective for manufacturability, low profile, and easy to integrate with other wireless communication system components.

We invite investigators and researchers to contribute original research articles as well as review articles of new trends in microstrip antenna systems (single elements and arrays): design, analysis, fabrication, and measurements. We are particularly interested in articles describing new applications for microstrip antennas in wireless telecommunications as well as in medical applications. Also the study of mutual interaction between electromagnetic radiation of microstrip antennas and adjacent human body in mobile wireless devices are encouraged. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Antenna feeds and matching
  • Antenna near fields and mutual coupling
  • New medical and biomedical applications
  • Broadband antennas and systems
  • UWB antennas and systems
  • Dielectric resonator antennas
  • Electromagnetic bandgap materials
  • Metamaterials
  • Microstrip array antennas
  • MIMO implementations and new applications
  • Mobile and PCS antennas
  • Multiband antennas
  • Numerical methods for SAR calculations
  • Parallel and special processor-based numerical methods
  • Reconfigurable antennas and arrays
  • Smart antennas
  • Reflector and reflecting array antennas
  • Remote sensing antennas
  • RFID antennas and systems
  • Microstrip antenna on chip
  • Small antennas
  • Vehicular antennas
  • Microstrip antennas’ new applications

Before submission authors should carefully read over the journal’s Author Guidelines, which are located at Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking System at according to the following timetable:


  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 351038
  • - Research Article

Design and Analysis of a Novel Compact Wideband Antenna with Two Excited Modes

Li Li | Zhi-Li Zhou | Jing-Song Hong
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 218681
  • - Research Article

A Novel Low RCS Design Method for X-Band Vivaldi Antenna

XiaoXiang He | Teng Chen | Xin Wang
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 184537
  • - Research Article

Study on Glass-Epoxy-Based Low-Cost and Compact Tip-Truncated Triangular Printed Antenna

Rajeev Kumar Kanth | Pasi Liljeberg | ... | Harish Kumar
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 589467
  • - Research Article

Novel Compact CPW-Fed Antennas with Harmonic Suppression and Bandwidth Enhancement

Zhi-Li Zhou | Li Li | Jing-Song Hong
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 304816
  • - Research Article

Design of Multilevel Sequential Rotation Feeding Networks Used for Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Arrays

Aixin Chen | Chuo Yang | ... | Yingyi He
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 656858
  • - Application Article

A Small UWB Antenna with Dual Band-Notched Characteristics

J. Xu | D.-Y. Shen | ... | K. Wu
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 839520
  • - Research Article

Compact Multiband Planar Fractal Cantor Antenna for Wireless Applications: An Approach

Gopalakrishnan Srivatsun | Sundaresan Subha Rani
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 303264
  • - Research Article

Design of Two Novel Dual Band-Notched UWB Antennas

Bing Li | Jing-song Hong
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 249019
  • - Research Article

A Reconfigurable Coplanar Waveguide Bowtie Antenna Using an Integrated Ferroelectric Thin-Film Varactor

K. C. Pan | D. Brown | ... | C. Cerny
  • Special Issue
  • - Volume 2012
  • - Article ID 745426
  • - Research Article

Flexible Microstrip Antenna for Skin Contact Application

Sudhir Shrestha | Mangilal Agarwal | ... | Kody Varahramyan
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