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Compact Microstrip Antenna Structures with Multiband, Broadband, and Band-Notched Properties, for Portable Devices

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In order to achieve the miniaturization specification for portable communication equipment, such as wireless home networking, high-density use in business cores, wireless speakers, wireless USB, high-speed WPAN, wireless sensors networks, wireless telemetry, telemedicine, and mobile devices, researchers have given much attention to compact microstrip antennas.

The use of high data rate wireless communications has proliferated exponentially making substantial demands on bandwidth and interoperability within the physical layer, which has resulted in wireless devices expected to function under different multiband, broadband, and notch properties. A particularly challenging issue for these applications is the design and development of required antenna modules which possess variant functionalities. Furthermore, miniaturization is particularly important for the antenna designer and arises out of the limited available volume of the wireless handset casing. These antenna modules are expected to provide effective broadband matching, an acceptable gain, and consistent radiation patterns.

Microstrip antenna structures are considered to be the best choice for these applications due to their specific properties, such as low cost, light weight, simple fabrication, compatibility with integrated circuits, compact size, adaptable configuration for exciting broad impedance bandwidths, dual or multifrequency mode, band rejection attributes, and agreeable radiation characteristics.

This special issue is proposed to present research and development research and development trends and novel methods and techniques to satisfy the mentioned characteristics for the new generation of portable communication devices, appropriate to the different kinds of device ,for instance, cell phones, tablets, modems, and laptop computers as well as for mm-wave and microwave antennas for ultrahigh-speed wireless communications. Researchers are requested to submit their original and novel research dealing with recent advances in antenna technologies, product integration, and performance optimization, as well as related measurements and simulation methods. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ultrawideband antennas with different feeding techniques
  • Dual and multibands antennas design and analysis
  • Bandgap structures for optimization of propagation
  • Microstrip antennas, arrays, and circuits
  • Microstrip antenna with filtering property for specified bands such as WiMAX and WLAN and ITU
  • Superwideband antennas

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Manuscript DueFriday, 31 May 2013
First Round of ReviewsFriday, 23 August 2013
Publication DateFriday, 18 October 2013

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  • Rashed Mohassel, Center of Excellence on Applied Electromagnetic Systems, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran Iran
  • Alistair P. Duffy, Department of Engineering, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
  • Bal Singh Virdee, Center for Communications Technology, Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing, London Metropolitan University, London, UK