Table 1: Demographic characteristics of study participants.


Age, years
Marital Status
 Never married1
Income (monthly)
 <$2600 RMT (equals to U.S. $410)7720
 2601–4600 RMT (U.S. $411–$725)18947
 4601–11500 RMT (U.S. $726–$1,812)10727
 11501–16500 RMT (U.S. $1,813–$2,600)194
 16501–23000 RMT (U.S. $2,601–$3,625)41
 >23001 RMT (>U.S. $3,626)41
Occupation type
 Blue collar9023
 White collar11328
Level of education
 Elementary school236
 Middle school9724
 High school17945
 Vocational school328
 Bachelor’s degree4511
 Master’s degree72
Diagnosis of breast cancer
 Do not know10
Family history of breast cancer
Health insurance
Health insurance covering mammograms ( )
 Do not know10248

RMT: Renminbi, Chinese currency.
(1) due to missing data, the frequency did not add up to the total sample size.
(2) marital status and education level distribution is similar to China 2000 census; however, the education level in this sample is higher. The comparisons in other variables were not available.