Review Article

Metronomic Chemotherapy in Triple-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer: The Future Is Now?

Table 2

Summary of data in the metastatic setting.

Author (year)Line of treatment
Type of trial
Drug(s)Number of patients evaluable for end pointsResults

Yoshimoto et al. [11]1st-2nd line
Phase II
CAPE 828 mg/m2 twice daily + CTX 33 mg/m2 twice daily, dd 1 → 14, every 21 days9ORR 44.4%
CBR 57.8%
Median PFS 10.7 months

Wang et al. [12]2nd line or further
Phase II
CTX 50 mg daily (after CTX 3 g/m2 for the preparation of CD34+ and CTX 3 g/m2, thiotepa 150 mg/m2, and CBDCA AUC = 6, every 28 dd for 2 courses)23NA

Kummar et al. [13]2nd line or further
Phase II
CTX 50 mg/day
CTX 50 mg/day + Veliparib 60 mg once daily throughout a 21-day cycle
39ORR 5.6% versus 9.5%

ORR = overall response rate; CBR = clinical benefit rate; PFS = progression-free survival; CBDCA = carboplatin.