International Journal of Breast Cancer / 2018 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Practical Consequences Resulting from the Analysis of a 21-Multigene Array in the Interdisciplinary Conference of a Breast Cancer Center

Table 4

Details for cases with change of recommendation. ER/PR IRS: immunoreactive score for hormone receptors; RS: recurrence score; CT: adjuvant chemotherapy.

Case no. AgepTpNLVGER IRSPR IRSKi67 %RSbefore Oncotypeafter Oncotype

65620 (0/2sn)1021212205CTNo CT

10491c (m)1a (1/6sn)0021212158No CTCT

2491c1mi (2/16)0021212109CTNo CT

163920 (0/3sn)0021291025CTNo CT

207121a (1/12)11312121521CTNo CT

45501c1a (1/10)1028121820CTNo CT

12691c0 (0/5sn)00312122531No CTCT

386420 (0/2sn)0031205037No CTCT