Table 1: Description and data source of the dependent variables.

Variable typeAttributesOrganizational levelData source

Red listsa

Vertebrates’ threatened category: InternationalIUCN [69] (
Ordinal7: EX; RE;
6: EW;
5: CR;
4: EN;
3: VU;
2: NT;
1: LC;
0: DD and non
NationalAtlas and Red Book of fish in Spain [70]
Atlas and Red Book of amphibians and reptiles in Spain [71]
The breeding bird Atlas in Spain [72]
Atlas and Red Book of terrestrial mammals in Spain [73]
SubnationalRed Book of the Vertebrates Threatened in Andalucía [74]

Legal listingb

1: included
0: excluded
InternationalHabitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC)
Birds Directive (Council Directive 79/409/EEC)

OrdinalVertebrates’ threatened category: NationalNational Catalogue of Endangered Species (Law 4/1989) and Royal Decree (439/1990).
4: EN;
3: SHC;
2: VU;
1: SI;
0: non
SubnationalLaw 8/2003 of Wild Flora and Fauna of Andalucía

Conservation budget

ContinuousLn (Funding allocation to vertebrates’ conservation).
InternationalLife projects database (2003–2007 years) (
NationalEnvironmental projects published in the Official Spanish Gazette (2003–2007 years)
Annual Reports of National Parks Organization for Spanish National Parks (2003–2007 years)
The Biodiversity Foundation database (2004–2007 years)

(EX) extinct; (RE) at subnational level, regionally extinct; (EW) extinct in the wild; (CR) critically endangered; (EN) endangered; (VU) vulnerable; (NT) near threatened; (LC) least concern; (DD) data deficient; (Non) nonlisted.
b(EN) endangered; (SHC) sensitive to habitat change; (VU) vulnerable; (SI), special interest; (Non) nonlisted.