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International Journal of Biodiversity
Volume 2013, Article ID 471618, 11 pages
Research Article

Status, Distribution, and Diversity of Birds in Mining Environment of Kachchh, Gujarat

Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology, Mundra Road, P.O. Box 83, Bhuj, Kachchh, Gujarat 370001, India

Received 4 December 2012; Revised 3 March 2013; Accepted 8 March 2013

Academic Editor: Rafael Riosmena-Rodríguez

Copyright © 2013 Nikunj B. Gajera et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


Opencast mining is one of the major reasons for the destruction of natural habitats for many wildlife including birds. The Kachchh region belongs to the arid part of India and is one of the rich areas of mineral resources in the country. In the recent time and after the 2001 earthquake, mining and other developmental activities are increased, and as a result, the natural habitats of birds are disturbed and fragmented. So, this study was conducted to assess the impact of mining and associated activities on the diversity and distribution of birds. Birds were studied by surveying 180 transects along 9 zones around three selected major mines, and each zone is made in every 2 km radius from the mine. Based on the record, it was found that the density and diversity of birds are highest in zone 5 and lowest in zone 1 and zone 2, respectively. The result indicates that the diversity and abundance of birds were less in zones which are located close to the mines in comparison to the zones far from the mines. In conclusion, mining and its associated activities have some impacts on the diversity and distribution of birds in Kachchh region in India.